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Kathryn lives in Columbus, Ohio, where she has lived for her entire life. She has an aversion to fall and winter, which is unfortunate since it sometimes snows in May.

When Kathryn was little, she was once asked by a teacher, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" She answered, "A zebra!" She was then surprised to learn that this is not biologically possible. (Yet.) Her fascination with animals never faded, and Kathryn eventually decided that writing and drawing pictures about animals was just as good as being one. (Maybe better.  Zebra Kathryn couldn't write or draw with hooves. Plus, she doesn't need to worry about lions eating her.)

By day, Kathryn is an Office Manager at a specialty library. By night, she stays up until the wee hours writing about swashbuckling ferrets and equine heroes, and doodling everything fuzzy and furry. She has taken writing and illustration courses through Storyteller Academy, the Children’s Book Academy, the Writing Barn, and the Highlights Foundation. She also serves as the Illustrator Coordinator for Central and Southern Ohio's chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

When Kathryn isn't writing or illustrating, she is trying to catch up on all those hours of lost sleep. (Her husband says you can't undo years of sleep deprivation, but she swears it's possible!) She loves reading, Disney movies, and anything that pertains to The Legend of Zelda video games. As you can tell, she's pretty cool--even without stripes and hooves.

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